Industrial surveys

Industrial surveys

Innovative constructions with steel structures can no longer be build with classical drawings. A complex 3D digital model is the base for building a modern construction. (eg Wembley stadium).In consultation with the client the most appropriate survey methods will be advised and applied for each project. The reporting of the measurement results will be presented in the form of a detailed drawing, an Excel file or a full survey report according to the wishes of the client.

For surveying with an accuracy of about 0.5 mm at difficult or inaccessible locations, points can still be measured by using reflector less techniques. Due to the dedicated on-board DCP05 software on our instruments, it’s possible to create coordinate systems which are fully related to the object itself and which doesn’t have to be level to begin with. Even measurements on floating objects are possible this way.

Projects are carried out nationally, internationally and offshore.

Industrial surveys

- Steel / Construction surveys
- Offshore constructions
- Rigs and wind turbines

Ship building
- Checking critical connections,
( For example, if several parts are manufactured in different geographical locations)