Land and Marine Surveys

The fast succession of technical innovations and application of all sorts of new materials challenges architects and engineers every day to design special constructions. Museums, offices, stadiums or civil engineering works are characterized increasingly by a special design or finishing. Even in traditional construction works we see this development, at a less exuberant and at a slower pace though due to the costs. Obviously exceptional buildings, as well as ordinary constructions have to meet the highest standards of safety and durability of the structure. This requires new and challenging demands to the builder. Complex 3D structures no longer can be carried out with solely a dimensional plan or ordinary drawings. A 3D digital model of the building is often indispensable. Geovisie is operating in this broad field of dimensional surveying. From complete supervision of large, complex projects to the setting out of piles and grid lines for smaller projects. Thus we are the partner for land & marine architects, engineers and builders to turn their dreams safely, efficiently and sustainable into eye catching constructions.

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Our services

Geovisie is active in a very wide range of surveying areas.

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Innovation and quality

Least squares geodetic network solutions with valuation and quality reporting supply the insight in the achieved accuracy and reliability.

State of the art in positioning

By using our unique knowledge of IT, electronics, hydrography and land surveying we can supply you with the best fitting solution and come up with alternatives.

State of the art in ships geometry

Accuracy of the geometry has to comply with the precision of complex sensors, like multi beam and motion reference units.


Below you’ll see a few examples of innovative construction projects, where the expertise of the specialists from Geovisie are deployed.

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Malampaya SWP DCP Platform survey positioning

The Malampaya gas-condensate field, located offshore at Palawan in the Philippines, supplies gas to three power stations on Luzon Island. The Malampaya Phase 3 (MP3) Project comprises the installation of a new Depletion Compression Platform (DCP) complete with a bridge linked to the existing Shallow Water Platform (SWP). Boskalis International B.V. – Philippine Branch has been [...]

Luchtfoto Haak om Leeuwarden

Immersion was a success! On August 29th, we floated the aqueduct structure out of the building dock, transported it and immersed the concrete element on the bottom of the canal. Under the eyes of interesting citizens, public officials and other stakeholders, our team of immersion specialists moved the 32 m wide, 47 m long and [...]

Positioning TFN 20cm freeboard

In the night of 16 March at about 04:00 LT Caisson North at the Izmit Bridge Project reached “touch down” within the strict tolerances of its required theoretical position after a successfull immersion. Great Team-Effort for all involved parties.!!